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Skills & Programs :

•  Texture Creation Including High/Low Casting ( Photoshop, Mudbox, Crazy Bump )

•  3D Modeling ( Maya, 3D Studio Max, Mudbox )

•  Shader Creation ( Unreal Editor , Proprietary Engines )

•  Level Creation ( Unreal Editor , Proprietary Engines )

•  UI Design and Creation

•  Concept Illustration

•  Digital Painting ( Photoshop, Painter )

•  Art Management/Scheduling ( Microsoft Project, Excel )

•  Storyboarding

•  Sculpting and Painting

•  Website Design and Layout ( Dreamweaver )

•  Movie Editing ( Adobe Premiere,Macromedia Director )


Published Works:

•  MAG Sony/Zipper for PS3 (to be released 2010)

•  " Forza Motorsport 2 Microsoft for Xbox 360

•  " Mojo Master " Wild Tangent for PC Download

•  " Stow-N-Go " Wild Tangent for PC Download

•  " Ford Trilogy Racing " Wild Tangent for PC Download

•  24: Countdown Fox/Wild Tangent for PC.

•  Narc Midway for PS2 and Xbox

•  The Suffering Midway/Surreal Software for PS2 and Xbox

•  Drakan 2 Sony/Surreal Software for PS2.

•  Everest Surreal Software for PC.


Work History:

Senior Environment Artist (2/07 11/09)
Zipper Interactive, Inc. Redmond, WA 98052

•  Created 3D models using Maya; textures and shaders in Photoshop and proprietary tools.

•  Worked closely with Lead and other artists to maintain look and quality of the game and assets.

Senior Environment Artist (8/06 1/07)
Mad Doc Software Redmond, WA 98052

•  Worked with a small art team to create next generation content for an Xbox 360 and PC tactical shooter title utilizing the Unreal Engine.

•  Created 3D models using 3D Studio Max. Created textures and shaders in Photoshop and Unreal Ed.

•  Helped establish look and feel of the game levels working with Lead and other artists.

•  Sucessfully maintained quality level with both internal coworkers and members of the parent company in Boston.

3D Artist (12/05 8/06; 8 month contract)
Microsoft: Forza Team (S&T Onsite) , Redmond, WA 98052

•  Created content for the Forza Xbox 360 title; including 3D models, textures, shaders, and object placement.

•  Worked with Leads to develop new methods for creating content for the game using 3D Studio Max scripts and plug-ins.

Art Director (9/04 12/05)
Wild Tangent , 18578 NE 67th Court, Bldg. 5, Redmond, WA 98052

•  Responsible for creating and maintaining vision of Wild Tangent games.

•  Managed a team of internal and external artists.

•  Maintained quality of art for the games and ensure deadlines were met.

•  Work with Producer and internal Leads on a daily basis.

•  Created content for games, including UI, 3D models and textures.

Senior Level Artist (3/04 8/04)
Sierra Entertainment (Vivendi Universal Northwest) , Bellevue, WA 98005

•  Responsible for concept, modeling, texturing, and implementation of art into the game.

•  Design and create levels in Unreal ED for a tactical first person shooter.

Lead Artist (7/99 3/04)
Surreal Software , 701 34th Street, STE 301, Seattle, WA 98103 (206) 587-0505

•  Manage a team of ten artists. Worked closely with other Leads and company Directors to produce third party video games. Responsible for all game art content, artists' schedules, and driving deadlines.

•  Responsible for concept, modeling, texturing, and implementation of art into the game.

Freelance Comic Book Colorist (1999 to 1/02)

•  Assisted in the coloring for a selection of Top Cow comic book titles.

Review Box Editor (1998 to 1999)
N2H2 900 4th Ave, Suite 3600, Seattle, WA 98164 (206) 336-1501

•  Categorized internet content for customers. Wrote articles for company website.

Art Gallery Assistant (1997 to 1998)
Emerald City Fine Art Gallery Seattle, WA

•  Organized artist receptions, press releases, inventory, and handled customer service. Was required to know information about all artists' work featured at the gallery.

Freelance Artist (1993 to 2001)

•  Various commissioned work, including murals, paintings, and sketches.



  • Art Institute of Seattle: AA Degree Computer Animation 1999
  • Santa Rosa Junior College: Law Enforcement Major 1994 to 1996


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