It was a foggy day at the mountain.

This patch of blue only lasted for a couple of minutes.

See what I mean? For the most part it was like this.
It was Jerusha's first time, but she picked it up very fast.
How did I do? Let's just say that I'm lucky that I didn't kill myself..
If you have a fear of heights: NEVER, and I mean NEVER, go on the ski-lifts!
It was kind of creepy watching people appear from out of the fog.
We just watched the ski patrol pull some guy off on a stretcher!
Here's Jerusha skiing down the hill. Just look at her go!
Turns out that Jerusha is a natural skier.
She was very proud of herself.
I was proud of myself after I wrote my name in the snow.
The darkness came and it was time to go home.
I told Jerusha it was time to go home.
And she was like, "Do I have to?"
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