Comic Strip:

I started some ground work for a comic strip called "The Inner Sanctum". I quickly felt like I wasn't doing anything that every other online comic strip was already doing and abandoned the idea.

If I ever come back to it, I expect I'd change it all and start all over. I'd most likely keep the basic cast, I might just focus more on penguins.

Who knows, eh?

I enjoyed the work I put into it and I was happy with the cast of characters that I started working with.. Basically, I just need to shut up and create some more strips and see if anybody (other than myself) likes them.


Comic 1

Comic 2


Video work:

I wrote and directed this infomercial spoof called "Murder For Dummies: the amateur's guide to knocking people off."

It was a lot of fun working on this project with my classmates from the Art Institute of Seattle.


2D Animation:

This was a short sample of 2D animation from one of my classes at the Art Institute. It was called "Bad Hair Day"

The funny thing about this short is that it was based off a true story. To this day, I'm always looking out for spiders coming out of my hair.


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