BATMAN Project

This project was really a labor of love for me, being the "Bat-Fan" that I am. I enjoyed putting together a piece about my favorite comic book hero.

It was also a great excuse to buy some more "reference material."



This project was a prototype for an interactive CD-ROM for collectors of Star Wars toys.

In it were scans of every star wars figure made, from the first ones in 1970's all the way up to the new ones of today.

I intended the product to have an "update" feature that allows the user to download new toy images from the Internet.



The assignment was, "Pick an artist and spotlight their work with Director!"

I picked Frank Miller, one of the most influential comic book creators of all time.

I did my best to create a basic interface that wasn't graphically busy, this way Mr. Miller's art isn't cluttered behind any flashy graphics.

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