Belle's Firsts


First Smile: 

Almost at birth but definitely by 3 months


First Laugh: 

3 Months


First Words: 

"Dada" closely followed by "Mama" around 11/12 months (really good by 13 months)


First time sitting up by herself:

6 months, really good by 8 months


First time standing unsupported:    

Well Belle could by 9 months but didn't know it. 


First crawled: 

Didn't crawled just rolled everywhere by 5 months. Crab walked on hands and feet at 14 months.


First Steps: 

July 20 2004. Took her first steps around 3:30 on 7/20/04... we're in trouble now! :)


First Time to pee-pee in her potty:

August 5, 2004.


First Time to do poopies in her potty: 

August 10, 2004.